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Roundpen work for ZZ

Before the rain hit (yes, it is indeed raining again!), I got some time to play with horses yesterday. After months of working with ZZ with leading exercises, clicker training and lots of getting-to-know-each-other and what-I-allow-and-what-I-don’t, I thought we would … Continue reading

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Sheep and Horses

There’s a new video of Hempfling working an 11 year old stallion: The cutest thing on this video is at 2:04 with the sheep. SOOOO CUTE! following with their tails waving like the horse. The sheep are SCENE STEALERS! Some of … Continue reading

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October rides for Tristan

Hm I’ve come to a conclusion about riding Big Guy in October – it’s going to be about Relaxation and Belief – for both of us to learn again that we can do this together (and HAVE done it!) He’s riding … Continue reading

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He’s a conundrum

Big Guy has character. He can worry and fret, and then it explodes outward with a buck and sideways kick. Or he will suddenly take a fright at something he’s seen a million times and take off at a hard … Continue reading

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Yesterday the chiropractor once again came by for her monthly visit to work on the Big Guy. He was able to hold up a back lift on his sacrum for quite some time! He’s obviously much stronger and Dr. D … Continue reading

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