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Our Presence Speaks to the Horse

Yesterday, during some of my liberty work with all three of the horses, an incident occurred that gave me a thought I wanted to share here. ZZ pinned her ears and chased Pandora, because of wanting to dominate the interaction … Continue reading

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working over Z’s back

As I wrote in the last blog entry, Debbie has come out several times during my working the horses. She has gotten to meet ZZ, who is new to her, and I have given all the appropriate warnings about the … Continue reading

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I want to PLAY!!!

After riding the Big Guy today, I stripped him of tack and put him in the dirt arena. I usually let him roll – and BTW he can now roll to his spine, all four feet in the air, but … Continue reading

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My cheap sidepull

If you know BG then you know that he frets, he worries, he tucks his head and becomes overbent (like a piece of spaghetti) and toys with the bit, especially if he thinks he has done wrong or is nervous … Continue reading

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Who can play together and when

I have a routine when I arrive to the horses. First, I let pony out to the alley so she can get some limited grass grazing and fraternize with her Arabian buddy, R. Then ZZ spots me and her curiosity … Continue reading

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