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BigTrainer Conundrum

There is a strange conundrum presented when famous (or want to be famous) horse people put their ideas into print or media: people may actually use those ideas! That may sound great to you and me, the layperson, but to … Continue reading

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Magic Mirror

About 10 years ago – maybe more, I decided to take my horsemanship down a different path. My interests aren’t the same of many and that is okay. But it does make it hard to find a direction and steps to … Continue reading

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Z’s future

I had a beautiful, if not long, day today. The weather has turned much warmer after a week of extreme cold, and remains dry though this does not help with the fire danger which is high. The double worming seems … Continue reading

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people terrify me

These are the types of morons I have to weed out in searching for a retirement home and boarding for my horses (an actual CL ad): NEED YOUR HORSE OR HORSES WELL KEPT THRU THE WINTER? FOR A DAY? A … Continue reading

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