Z’s future

I had a beautiful, if not long, day today. The weather has turned much warmer after a week of extreme cold, and remains dry though this does not help with the fire danger which is high.

The double worming seems to have cleared up the midline dermatitis. That or the turn of seasons killing flies did… in the spring, I’ll do it again and we shall see if the mares’ remain clear of this.

Z is on countdown for the trainers. My plan is to send her in March and so at this time I am back to trying to get her to stand at the mounting block and accept touch/weight on her back. She clearly still does not like it despite all the work I’ve had done on her with the chiropractor – and despite the fact that I know she feels better (have seen her trot and canter more in the field).

I honestly do not know if she will become a saddle horse. If RH cannot get her under saddle and going quietly, then I will retire her immediately to pasture, not to be breed and kept as a pet.

I went through this with another horse I had, and struggled with this horse to the point it became dangerous to her and me. With Red I did not make the right decision which should have been gifting her back to her breeder… in this instance, I’ve already discussed with hubby that if Z can’t be broke peacefully, then she will become a pasture pet for the rest of her life. I never want to know again the uncertainty of a horses’ future or the belief I may have had a part in an unfortunate ending.

I hope it doesn’t come to that because it would be a huge waste… but OTOH, I simply don’t know at this point where or what will happen so I’m continuing on with my preparations and hope that indeed RH is as fantastic a trainer as I’ve been told by many people.

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