If you haven’t watched the news about the southwest and midwest, then you may not realize that we’ve gotten hit by a blizzard. We set a lot of new records – 16 inches of snow and the newspaper won’t be publishing, the first time in 106 years. All the interstates are closed as well as schools and on the school front I don’t expect they will re-open until next week.

Temps remain under 0 degrees F so that means no melting is taking place; highly unusual for where I live today. The amount of snow reminds me of living in Dayton, Ohio.

Husband is working from home. Kids are just hanging out and driving me crazy. It makes me wonder how my mom managed five of us when Ohio winters hit. No wonder we played outside a lot even in knee deep snow. On my front I will probably spend the day trying to study Chemistry.

The barn was not prepared for this storm and all things are chaos out there. I am worried because I can’t get out to help and Dee has a subpar blanket (her owner never supplied her with a winter blanket like she said she would), but after all this is what I pay boarding fees for. It’s just a lack of planning means a lot of mayhem later.

Disasters have to be planned for – such as the 10 days with no electricity at the Hell Barn Job.  And caring for horses always means a lot of physical labor; during these times, multiply that by 5.

It’s why I’m really big on lots of gates, extra halters, and water and electricity sources everywhere.

The only good thing is we have not lost power like the ice storm of ’07.