Z is doing great at the trainers!

I got time to talk with RH, the trainer who is working Z, and she is doing great! He has taken her out on trails with another horse even! Yeah!

Best news is she has shown no inclination to buck and though might go “neeeehhh!” *pinned ears* has been able to work through that too. Good news!

In part of our discussion I learned that she is living out in the big herd, but comes readily when he wants to work her. He also thinks (like myself) that she is eager to do new things and is craving more interesting work then sitting around in a pasture.

I’ve pretty much agreed that she will be staying another 30 days. While they are making progress in a slow and steady rate, I would like her to come back home a bit more accomplished then she is right now, such as working at other gaits (i.e. trot for sure) before returning.

So we’ve discussed and I’ll be down to visit her next Saturday.

I’ve missed the Stinker.

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