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Man Plans ~ God Laughs

I’m leaving after lunch to Missouri. I’m taking with me a CD of photos for the deputy handling the Animal Cruelty case of the starving horses. So before returning to Oklahoma on Sunday, let’s hope I don’t find yet another … Continue reading

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Horses were picked up (and back again)

This morning I got this email from husband…. The horse’s owner showed up last night, and insisted on taking her horses home. ┬áIt is a middle-aged woman, who says she left her kids in charge of the horses while she … Continue reading

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The Visitors have a Past and an Owner

I’m back home to Oklahoma. It’s late and I’m pretty tired. However, a quick update on the Horse Situation. First, let’s get some perspective of where I live in Missouri – it’s the Sticks, the Back of Beyond and some … Continue reading

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Providence: More visitors

Returned to Missouri on Wednesday. Thursday morning I let the girls (Z and Pandora) out to the front yard to graze as rain had brought back the grass. Z got two hours, and Pandora got one. I went back into … Continue reading

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Shoo Fly Shoo ~ Fly Pest Management at a Horse Facility

Before Molly left on her trip she commented to me that she thought the flies were less in Missouri then Oklahoma. I think she put a curse on that because last week a squadron of B-52’s came in to attack … Continue reading

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