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When it becomes more then just the food…

Right now I’m working with Dante on his lunging. Unfortunately, between all the bro-haha at the barn as well as me being down from dental surgery, things have been a bit uneven this last week which I really dislike – … Continue reading

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Gravel screenings for better drainage around the Loafing Shed

When I moved to my current location 3+ years ago I paid for several improvements – one of those was adding gravel screenings inside my loafing shed and around the run off area. The 12 x 12 Loafing Shed was … Continue reading

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Building the Poor Woman’s riding arena

For years I’ve dealt with the lack of a riding arena by just riding in the pasture.┬áThe place where I board now also does not have a riding arena and when I just had Tristan and the pony-girls it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Dante’s hooves get a cast wrap

Dante has rather flat, pancake feet. While this apparently is found in draft horses, his overall appearance and the size of his hooves are not particularly draft (remember he is a Morgan x Frisian). The flatness of his sole does … Continue reading

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Dante’s Cavesson ordered for lunging and in-hand work

I’ve ordered Dante a Cavesson in black leather with brass fittings that will fit his massive head! This one has a leather nosepiece instead of the metal type more commonly found which makes me feel more comfortable about using it. … Continue reading

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