Dante’s feed and supplement update


Today, I’ve added Vitamin E and finished the round of feed-through antibiotics (because of Dante’s dental) so here’s the updated feed and supplement list:

1.) 2# of Grostrong 13 – able to buy locally. Another 1/4 pound is given as treats during clicker training.

2.) 3# of Beet Pulp pellets without Molasses – able to buy locally from Tractor Supply. Love that Dante seems to like his Beet Pulp because the food is slightly cheaper and gives more fiber without the added sugar of other feeds. OTOH, the ponies are definitely not a fan of this product! haha

3.) Salt, 2 ounce – this is loose salt, not a salt block, and I’ve noticed since adding he seems to sweat better; added to diet 7.17

4.) Zinc and Copper (California Trace) – 500 mg of Zinc; 175 of Copper. 2 scoops, scoop provided in product bag; added to diet 6.28.

We have high Iron content in our soil (Oklahoma is known for our red soil although Tulsa isn’t as red as say, Oklahoma City) and probably once I do a hay/grass test I’ll be increasing the Copper-Zinc (iron binds Copper and Zinc so more is required if iron is present). The reason I’m suspicious about this is because his coat has not darkened and his hooves are not showing any significant increase in growth which I would expect while being on this product.

5.) Vitamin E – 10,000 IUs, number is higher because of the PSSM (from Pure Bulk or Uckele). Pure Bulk, 10 grams, heaping Tablespoon.

6.) Magnesium (Oxide by Uckele) – 5-10 grams; little less then 1 Tablespoon; added to diet 7.16. This is the only supplement, Dante does not like and I would like to replace the Oxide with something less messy – pellets or capsules as it also clumps.

7.) ALCAR or Acetyl L Carnitine ($1 per day Uckele or .60 cents per day Pure Bulk) – 1 gram for 100 pounds of body weight. Added to diet 7.20; increased 7.25. When the powder runs out, I’ll be switching to capsule form from Pure Bulk as this product clumps rather badly.

It does seem to me that he is moving better since being on the ALCAR. There is less toe dragging, I’ve seen him canter several times on his own initiative, and he is more willing to take the trot during his ground training exercises. I’ll know more once we send his hair samples and he is tested if PSSM is a possibility.

The only thing I feel is lacking is some Omegas 3/6 like from Flax seed. If I add this I’ll reduce the Grostrong slightly and use Omega Horseshine as I can buy that locally.

PS Grenwinae installed a counter for me so now I can roll my food bins under and have a workspace counter. It’s made my life so much easier already!

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