Updated feed and supplements

Some more changes to feed and supplements as I continue to refine things for Dante especially as I got the hay testing finished.

I’ve removed the Grostrong 13 from his diet because it doesn’t really provide him anything that I’m not giving through other feed and supplements. The sugar which commercial feeds provide, even “low starch” ones, is always problematic.

Because his current grass/hay is so low on protein, I’ve added two flakes of Alfalfa to his daily diet. This replaces his alfalfa pellets which are rather hard and remember he has old-man teeth so I don’t want to compromise his teeth any more with hard feed. I could soak the alfalfa pellets but I tried that and it takes quite of bit of soaking for them to soften.

Current Feed and Supplements:

1.) 2# of Beet Pulp shreds without Molasses – Soaked with excessive water drained off. Now that he is getting Alfalfa he is starting to ignore this! So I have to feed this and give him time to eat it before allowing Alfalfa hay access.

2.) Flax Seed (Omega Horseshine) – One cup. Added to diet 9.4.16.

3.) Salt, 2 ounce (4 Tbsp) – Table salt from the grocery store; just be sure to get the Iodine type. I blend this with the Ocean K for easier/faster measuring. Added to diet 7.17.16

4.)  Ocean K, 5 g daily – to supply additional Iodine; supplement goes a long way. Added to diet 11.28.16

5.) Zinc and Copper – 1500 mg of Zinc; 600 mg of Copper. I’ve switched this brand to Uckele’s Zinc and Copper pellets because once I got his hay test back he needed A LOT to offset the high iron in our grasses here in Oklahoma. Added to diet 6.28.16. Increased 1.16.17

6.) Magnesium (Oxide by Uckele) – 8-10 grams; little less then 1 Tablespoon (approximately 8 grams). Magnesium can acts as an anti-inflammatory. The good news is this stuff goes a long way. I’m blending it with his Phosphate. Added to diet 7.16.16.

7.) Monosodium Phosphate – because we need to maintain the balance between Calcium and Phosphate, this supplement needed to be added once the hay test was evaluated. 2.16.17.

8.) Vitamin E, liquid – 10,000 IUs, (4 teaspoons) in winter. Dr. Kellon recommends the liquid property to improve absorption. This is one of the most expensive supplements I buy. I will probably be changing this once the liquid is done as I’ve heard good things about Health E  and a powder will be easier for my feeder to do it. Added to diet 8.15.16

9.) Selenium – 2 mg. My location is on the edge of having enough selenium in the soil so I waited until the hay was tested to supplement as over supplementation of Selenium can actually lead to death. 225.17

For Medical Reasons:

1.) Glucosamine (Lubrun) for joint mobility – this powder is mixed with his Selenium-Yeast. Added to diet 11.28.16

2.) ALCAR or Acetyl L Carnitine  for PSSM – 1 gram for 100 pounds of body weight (this is about 1 Tablespoon with the brand I am using). Weigh it to know the true measurement, don’t trust the bag label. I’ve settled on buying it from Powder City as they add a silica packet in the bag which helps it stay not sticky. Added to diet 7.25.16

3.) L-Glutamine for PSSM – 1-2 grams per 100 lbs; 2 tablespoons for 20 grams.  Added due to his stiff, tight and sore muscles. Added 12.14.16

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